Winter Gardens

The winter garden is a special interior. Large glazing, and therefore maximum lighting of the interior, positively affect the well-being of the household members. The winter garden can be a glazed living room, a home garden or a sunny dining room. Properly planned and built, it acts as a heat storage room for the entire home, while contributing to lower energy bills. The winter garden also increases the usable area of ​​the house. Such a garden should harmoniously blend with the body of the building, so as not to disturb its aesthetics, and in the case of an all-year garden, additionally retain functional features such as thermal insulation and protection against wind and moisture. The selection of appropriate technical solutions will allow all these features to be combined, which will create comfortable conditions for relaxation that can be enjoyed all year round. The use of aluminum systems that we offer allows for a large variety of shapes and forms. From simple, single-pitched to complex with a polygonal base and a hipped roof.

When looking for a manufacturer who will design and complete a project for a winter garden, it is impossible to overlook our offer. At Aluverk, we will make a custom-made winter garden, ensuring that the price for the entire service is affordable for the customer. As each project for a terrace or garden is different, we offer a flexible price list, strictly dependent on the dimensions of the ordered object, type of development, type of structure, filling of side walls and roof model. In addition, the prices are related to the place where your winter garden is to be built. It is not only about the city, but also about specific space for construction. If our team is to assemble the structure, the price will be relatively higher. The best solution is to commission us with a visualization and a preliminary cost estimate based on your idea for a winter garden on the terrace or behind the house. It is worth noting that the orangery makes the building’s architecture much more attractive and increases the living space, which improves the quality of life for the whole family. The winter garden will quickly become your favorite place to spend your free time, especially as it will be warm, cozy and safe there. We offer individual design, production and assembly of a winter garden.

We provide:

individually designed frame, garden structure, made of aluminum resistant to adverse weather conditions
comprehensive consultancy in the field of design and assembly
ventilation ensuring the comfort of using the garden throughout the year
the use of tilt windows, mechanically or electrically operated