Windows and doors

Window and door joinery is a showcase of every home. Important decisions include the selection of parameters that will provide us not only with an elegant appearance but, above all, functionality of use and energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of aluminum, the use of windows and doors is extremely easy due to their low weight.

We offer window and door joinery:

in various shapes and dimensions, also non-standard
various ways of use, e.g. fixed, tilt, sliding and turn windows
with high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters
fire protection
in a wide range of colors from the RAL palette and structural colors

Aluminum windows and doors mean quality and reliability.

The condition for the high quality of our aluminum window and door constructions is the use of aluminum profile systems proven in the course of many years of operation, functional, durable and aesthetic fittings and top-class fillings that meet the safety, acoustic and thermal insulation requirements. The efficient combination of these three components of window and door structures guarantees the production of aluminum windows and doors, which are synonymous with reliability, safety and high quality.

Aluminum windows and doors mean aesthetics and design.

The aesthetic properties of aluminum windows and doors are achieved primarily through attention to construction details and a very wide range of varnish coatings. The latest technologies of painting aluminum profiles allow for finishing in uniform colors according to the RAL palette with a different degree of gloss, in colors with a visible structure and in wood-like colors. Thanks to the skilfully selected colors at the design and valuation stage, aluminum window and door constructions are used both in modern, avant-garde blocks, as well as in classic residential buildings and even in historic buildings that require special attention to adjust the woodwork to the character of the building. An important role in shaping the design of aluminum windows and doors is played by muntins and muntins, introducing additional structure divisions in line with the expectations of investors. The shape and color of the fittings have an equally important influence on the aesthetics of windows and doors; handles, casings, door handles, hinges or the use of – recently fashionable – hidden fittings.

Aluminum windows and doors and physical properties.

The newest aluminum window and door systems allow for the construction of windows and doors that are exactly suited to various applications and detailed requirements within the scope of PN-EN 14351-1: 2006 standard. The basic features of aluminum windows and doors, based on the standard, are appropriate statics, water tightness and air permeability. Other important functional properties are the level of safety, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and mechanical durability. For more advanced window and door constructions, we obtain mechanical resistance, burglary resistance, smoke tightness as well as fire resistance and insulation in accordance with the design requirements.

Aluminum windows and doors and functionality.

Functionality is a very important feature of aluminum window and door structures, allowing for their practical use in any construction project and meeting the requirements of users. The market-leading window and door systems in combination with appropriately selected fittings ensure various functions of windows and doors and the methods of their opening. Window structures are made in the form of inward-opening windows (side-hung, tilt-and-tilt, tilt), fixed, outward-opening windows (opening outwards, tilting at the top and bottom), sliding, pivoting and lifting windows. Door constructions are made in the form of inward and outward opening doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, balancing doors and lift and slide doors.