Sliding windows

Discover the new lightness of opening

Sliding windows are another solution proposal for a balcony exit. These are systems that are very popular in the countries of southern Europe. In sliding windows, the sashes can be moved in planes parallel to each other.

In regions with warmer climates than ours, the use of sliding sash windows is popular. Structures of this type are characterized by:

Simple sliding function of the sashes, without the possibility of tilting.
The use of the so-called brush seals at the point of contact of the leaves with the frame and between the leaves.
Limited range of the width of the glazing units.

Movable window sashes provide a wealth of stylistic design options, a multitude of opening methods and the freedom to configure inward and outward opening elements. Window systems in a modern variant or with ultra-narrow profiles, with unmatched thermal insulation parameters, allow you to create a perfect harmony between the durability of materials, design aesthetics and architectural challenges. Beautifully designed window systems can transform the look of any space while making it warmer, brighter and more inviting.

Sliding doors must be 100% safe and reliable. Therefore, when choosing this product, it is worth choosing one that is built on the basis of the latest technologies. Our profiles are made in such a way that the doors are extremely stable, durable and provide reliable protection for your home. An additional advantage is the possibility of building various structures, sizes and various glazing packages. Doors in the sliding system enlarge the space of the rooms and provide a lot of natural light. In addition, they combine the interior of the house with a terrace or garden. The sliding systems we offer are one of the most popular solutions today. A guarantee of perfect appearance, comfort and quality. The structures can be made as 2-, 3- (one leaf is movable) or 4-leaf (two movable leaves). The structure of the profiles allows the frame to be almost completely let into the floor, and the use of the option with a low threshold facilitates passage through the door, e.g. with a wheelchair. In addition, the floor is connected in the house without a threshold with minimal dilatation. Sliding systems have many advantages that explain their growing popularity in modern architectural designs. They are distinguished primarily by the saving of space within the windows and doors, thanks to the sash sliding solutions, such structures do not require a space defined by the opening radius of traditional swing structures. Sliding constructions only need free space in the line of sash movement. In addition to saving space and great arrangement possibilities, sliding systems are convenient and safe to use, they are quiet and easy in everyday use.