Glass balustrades

Glass railings are a perfect finish to buildings, giving them lightness and a modern character. The balustrades designed by us transfer the required horizontal loads, thus protecting against falling out persons standing or moving on the protected surface, among others. stairs, balconies, terraces in residential buildings, collective housing and public buildings.

We offer self-supporting all-glass balustrades in which the glass carries the load or in combination with wooden or steel posts, where the glass is only a decorative filling. Our balustrades consist of a toughened glass (ESG) and laminated with foil (VSG), which can be installed linearly, pointwise or on posts. All-glass balustrades can be finished with a handrail mounted on the top or on the side of the glass.

Self-supporting internal glass railings and external railings, without vertical fastening elements, are, despite appearances, very safe and extremely durable railings. The thickness of the pane is adjusted to its size (from 12 to 20 mm thick). We use point mounts made of durable stainless steel to attach the glass panes. This type of railing is very stable, it ensures safety and a unique appearance. Glass railings are an excellent solution both in private homes and apartments, companies, offices, offices, institutions, public places, hotels and restaurants. We guarantee that the commissioned structure will be made with the use of high-quality materials and in a professional manner, and thus – durable and safe.

Glass railings are distinguished by a modern design and optically enlarge the room. They fit perfectly into interiors designed in a modern and minimalistic style, although they are universal enough that you can use their qualities virtually anywhere. Thanks to the use of carefully selected, high-quality materials, glass railings are durable and resistant to breakage, characterized by excellent durability and thus ensuring many years of use for customers.